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VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System—USA)

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Last updated: 1/31/22

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My VAERS spreadsheets

Hyperlinks to VAERS website per condition

Anaphylaxis, blindness, COVID breakthrough, deaths, DVT, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hearing loss, heart attack, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, intensive care, ITP/TTP, mast cell activation syndrome, myasthenia gravis, myo(peri)carditis, pulmonary embolism, stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic)

Selected VAERS case reports

A note about VAERS underreporting

My VAERS spreadsheets

Spreadsheets below are available in 2 formats (excel spreadsheet and pdf)

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Here are links to VAERS reports for certain conditions. You can read through them and find good ones to present to your physician if trying to get medical exemption for the COVID vaccine.

  • Not every case report will be a good report.
  • These reports do not mean the vaccine caused these conditions.
  • CASE COUNTS MAY NOT BE ACCURATE as some cases are IMPROPERLY LABELED. Likewise, there may be cases that were NOT INCLUDED under this diagnosis label (i.e. 30% of myocarditis cases were not labeled as myocarditis in the system).
  • These cases are as of 8/6/21 release date.

Medical conditions

  • Anaphylaxis: 5,267 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Anaphylactic reaction or Anaphylactic shock or Anaphylactoid reaction or Anaphylactoid shock or Anaphylaxis treatment
  • Blindness/other acute visual changes: 1,698 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Blindness or Blindness unilateral or Optic disc haemorrhage or Optic nerve infarction or Optic nerve sheath haemorrhage or Optic perineuritis or Retinal artery embolism or Retinal artery occlusion or Retinal artery thrombosis or Retinal exudates or Retinal haemorrhage or Retinal infarction or Retinal ischaemia or Retinal oedema or Retinal vascular disorder or Retinal vascular occlusion or Retinal vascular thrombosis or Retinal vasculitis or Retinal vein occlusion or Retinal vein thrombosis
  • COVID breakthrough: 2,451 cases
  • Deaths: 12,791 cases
  • DVT: 3,367 cases
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
    • 949 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Write-up contains ‘Hashimoto’
    • 227 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Autoimmune hypothyroidism or Autoimmune thyroid disorder or Autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s encephalopathy or Thyroiditis or Thyroiditis acute or Thyroiditis chronic or Thyroiditis subacute or Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin increased
    • 304 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and History contains ‘Hashimoto ‘
    • 41 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Current-Illness contains ‘Hashimoto ‘
  • Hearing loss
    • 2,640 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Acoustic stimulation tests abnormal or Deafness or Deafness bilateral or Deafness neurosensory or Deafness permanent or Deafness transitory or Deafness unilateral or Hearing disability or Hearing impaired or Neurosensory hypoacusis
    • 223 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Write-up contains ‘Sensorineural ‘
  • Heart attack: 2,515 cases
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension : 27 cases
  • Intensive care: 1,232 cases
  • ITP/TTP : 672 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Autoimmune thrombocytopenia or Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or Immune thrombocytopenia or Immune thrombocytopenic purpura or Thrombocytopenic purpura or Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
  • Mast cell activation syndrome : 29 cases
  • Myasthenia gravis: 121 cases; almost all of these are myasthenia gravis flare-ups occurring within a couple days of the vax
  • Myo(peri)carditis: 3,974 cases
  • Pulmonary embolism: 4,774 cases
  • Stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic):
    • 7,383 cases where Symptom is Carotid artery occlusion or Carotid artery thrombosis or Cerebellar artery occlusion or Cerebellar artery thrombosis or Cerebellar ataxia or Cerebellar embolism or Cerebellar haematoma or Cerebellar haemorrhage or Cerebellar infarction or Cerebellar ischaemia or Cerebellar stroke or Cerebral arteriovenous malformation haemorrhagic or Cerebral arteritis or Cerebral artery embolism or Cerebral artery occlusion or Cerebral artery stenosis or Cerebral artery thrombosis or Cerebral haemorrhage or Cerebral infarction or Cerebral ischaemia or Cerebral microembolism or Cerebral microhaemorrhage or Cerebral microinfarction or Cerebral thrombosis or Cerebral vascular occlusion or Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or Cerebral venous thrombosis or Cerebrovascular accident or Cerebrovascular arteriovenous malformation or Cerebrovascular disorder or Cerebrovascular insufficiency or Cerebrovascular operation or Haemorrhage intracranial or Haemorrhagic arteriovenous malformation or Internal capsule infarction or Intracranial venous sinus thrombosis or Intraventricular haemorrhage or Vertebral artery aneurysm or Vertebral artery dissection or Vertebral artery occlusion or Vertebral artery thrombosis or Vertebrobasilar stroke

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VAERS underreporting

The department of health and human services (HHS) states there is approximately a 1% reporting rate of vaccine adverse events.

Evidence of underreporting in the COVID vaccine can be seen by the following:

The CDC reported in MMRW that 10,262 cases of covid vaccine breakthrough had been voluntarily reported by 46 states to the CDC (not VAERS) as of April 30. Conversely, only 392 cases of covid vaccine breakthrough and covid vaccine failure had been reported through VAERS by then. This is 3.8% of what was voluntarily reported by 46 states to CDC. Accounting for the fact that even the CDC numbers are underrepresented of the actual incidence, this shows that the true reporting rate through VAERS is certainly less than 1% of the actual incidence. One would need to multiply the VAERS incidence by 100 to get a more accurate estimate of those adverse events.

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VAERS reports

Serious reports for October for 12 year olds.
Serious and lethal reports for October for 13 year olds.
Serious and lethal reports for October for 14 year olds
Serious and lethal reports for October for 15 year olds.
Serious and lethal reports for October for 16 year olds.
24 year old female, healthy, cesarean section less than 5 months prior; 6d after JJ vaccine, had multiorgan failure. Died 3 days later.

Completely healthy 38 yo F. “3-4 days after receiving the vaccine, patient developed shortness of breath, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Patient believed that symptoms were a result of seasonal allergies and contacted PCP for treatment. PCP prescribed prednisone and albuterol. Patient took medication for 4 days without change in symptoms. Follow-up appointment with PCP found patient with low blood oxygen levels and low blood pressure, possible mild fever. patient was sent to ER on 5/21. Patient was admitted with pneumonia of unknown origin. Patient spent 1 week on general care floor with worsening conditions, possible ARDS. Patient was admitted to ICU and put on a ventilator on 5/28. Patient continued to worsen until MRI lead to a diagnosis of Myositis with ILD. Patient was transferred on 6/4 and put on ECMO. Patient health continued to decline (kidney failure) and was pronounced brain dead on morning of 6/7 and family decided to remove patient from life support.” VAERS ID 1628054

50yo F. “I got the 2nd dose vaccine and had flu like symptoms including high fever and chills which lasted for 12 hours and resolved. About a week later, I started dragging my foot and had left leg weakness and pain in my left leg. I also noticed I was developing slurred speech and decreased hearing. I was diagnosed with ALS [a week later]. My lung function is now at 50%, I am unable to write legibly, and I cannot feed myself. I have a feeding tube and I now have to use a wheelchair. I have to use bipap at night for my breathing. I was diagnosed with rapidly progessive ALS and have given the diagnosis of 1 year to live. Up until the 1st vaccine, I was working as a physician/doctor treating covid patients in the Urgent Care. I am now confined to a wheelchair.” VAERS ID 1624002

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Cardiac anomalies

65yo F. Healthy except high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 7 days after dose1: 1st attack of AFib; hospitalized several days. 7 days after dose2: 2nd attack of AFib; hospitalized and had to heart shocked twice. “I had never had a heart problem before taking the Covid vaccine.” VAERS ID 1574476

70yo M starting 7d after vax: “pacemaker went off had not gone off for 2 years. It has gone off a total of 3 times” VAERS ID 1558144

32yo M, healthy. 1 month after dose 2: cardiogenic shock, complete heart failure, currently on heart transplant list VAERS ID 1558102

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Anaphylaxis deaths

Died at home of anaphylaxis the next day
Cardiac arrest from anaphylaxis in her vehicle 1 hour after vax

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Breastfed infants

DEATH—5 month old breastfed infant. The day after receiving dose 2 of her covid vax, this mother’s 5 month old breastfed infant developed a rash and within 24 hours was inconsolable, refusing to eat, and developed a fever. In the ER, the child was found to have elevated liver enzymes. The infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away 2 days later. Diagnosis of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother’s vaccination the previous day. VAERS ID 1166062, 1655239

Baby born to 30 yo mother who had vax at 37 and 40w pregnant. Normal delivery. Breastfed. 3wk later, THE BABY DEVELOPED CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE (ejection fraction 37%). VAERS ID 1685635

12 month old ran fever after breastfeeding following mom’s vax. Fever subsided. Next day, fever spiked & he had a seizure. In ER, “According to the physician, there was no infection and the events were not due to the vaccine.”
VAERS ID 1389582

1 year old, with allergies to milk protein, egg, soy, banana, gluten, fish, and beef. Mom said, “I informed that I was breastfeeding and about my baby’s serious allergies. I was told it was safe.” He ran a fever & vomited for 2 weeks. Mom said they were “devalued and discarded by the doctors” in ER & their private doctor. Vaers id 1489303

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Chromosomal disorders

DEATH–27 year old male died from myocarditis 4 days after 2nd covid vax
PMH: Down’s Syndrome, no other past medical history
-3d after 2nd dose, began “feeling poorly” w nausea/vomiting, chest discomfort
-EKG: diffuse ST elevation
-heart cath: normal coronary arteries & LVEDP of 25
-Echo: pericardial effusion & concern raised for myopericarditis
-developed cardiac arrest
-VA ECMO, therapeutic hypothermia, IVIG, high dose methylprednisolone (1000 mg), anakinra 100 mg, and broad spectrum antibiotics (vancomycin & Zosyn), high dose vasopressors…epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, angiotensin II, vasopressin
-subsequently suffered another cardiac arrest, briefly regained pulse with high dose vasopressors, but subsequently lost pulse despite best efforts and died Vaers id 1278030

DEATH—15 year old female with Down Syndrome

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Mental health

20yo M “Around 10 hours after the injection of the shot I began to feel fever and soon after began to hallucinate, hear voices and violently shake. I began to hurt myself by hitting and pulling my hair out. I then ran out into the street in my underwear and called 911 as I was very confused and concerned I would seriously harm myself and others. I was handcuffed by the police but ran away. After being secured and transported to hospital I was administered a sedative drug and released after I was no longer involuntarily shaking.” VAERS ID 1592992

Vaers id 1590951. 45 yo female. Schizophrenia aggravated 7 days after covid vax: “Ive had schizophrenia since I was 18. I had one relapse a year later due to a drug interaction . Since then my condition has been controlled very well by medication. After taking the first covid vaccine- Im not sure which one it was, I had an episode that sent me to 4 different mental health facilities.” Hospitalization 25 days

57yo m healthy except diabetes. Beginning 16 days after vax (and continues now 3 mo later): “Since taking the covid-19 vaccine he is now paranoid, delusional and memory lapse. Patient leaves the house with the front door open . He sits on the steps and screams saying the police is coming to get him and the helicopters are following him. He thinks my phone is taking pictures of him and I am uploading his information on the internet. He has disconnected the cable and landline. He has his things packed in bags as if he is going to go somewhere but has no where to go. He thinks “they are stealing his identity,” I don”t know who he is referring to when he says ”they.” He bought a PO box, changed all of his bank information and bought 5 cell phones. He went missing for a week and was found at a hotel and refused to leave, which resulted in the cops having to be called to take him to Hospital. They diagnosed him with psychosis” Vaers id 1571079

81yo F. My mother started calling me (and other neighbors and relatives) in the middle of the night on March 25 [10d after dose1] with bizarre hallucinations, thinking people were sitting on her back deck or trying to get into the house to kill her. I was worried and flew out to visit for 2 weeks in early April. I urged her not to get her second shot, but she did on April 15. She had hallucinations on April 16 and 17 that led her to open her door in the middle of the night, then seemed a little better the next few days. I returned home on April 23. The hallucinations progressed and she ended up in the hospital on May 17, 2021, having walked out of her house in the early morning after being up all night thinking people were trying to break in to kill her. We checked her out of the hospital on May 20 and either I or my brother has stayed with her ever since. (I have had to take Family Leave from work to care for her.) Yesterday a roommate/caregiver moved in. My mother continues to be plagued almost constantly with hallucination/voices in her head, often saying negative things, although they are somewhat more benign than back in May/June. Still, she can no longer live independently. Her physical health is still good, but I am very worried what will happen if/when she gets her booster shot this fall. There is a long wait to see a neurologist in this area, but she has an appointment and is hoping to find a medication to stop her hallucinations. It has been devastating for her to lose control of her brain in this way.” VAERS ID 1623853

23 yo F. Same day as vax dose 1, “perseverating obsessions with being killed or killing family and other, suicidal/euthanistic ideation and fixation, Anxiety, panic attacks…She had delusion that she was about to be stabbed by someone of that she is stabbing someone.” VAERS ID 1647230

35yo M healthy, military. Day after vax: fever, confusion, shortness of breath, tangential speaking, severe dehydration, loss of executive reasoning, combative. Vaers id 1571203

70yo F nursing home resident. Increasingly altered mental status for the first 4d after vax. “The daughter reports the patient stripped down naked and was not making sense at the nursing home. The patient was transferred to Medical Center and remained confused for several days.” VAERS ID 1637265

64y F Patient’s sister said after vax, “She hardly talked which was unusual since we talked or texted everyday. She said she did not feel like texting…She said it hurt to text, that her mind could not figure out how to text. From that time on, she had many, many times when she could or would not text. She could not figure out how to operate her phone. She got more and more UTI infections and was hospitalized in acute facilities from then on, numerous times. She even said people were trying to kill her. She went downhill cognitively as well as physically until she passed.” VAERS ID 1654025

DEATH—19yo F history of depression and anxiety, died 15d after vax. Autopsy showed fentanyl toxicity and bilateral pulmonary emboli. Perhaps she felt that impending doom and shortness of breath people feel as they are having pulmonary emboli (blood clots to the lungs), and with her history of anxiety and depression killed herself. VAERS ID 1693704

68 yo M. Day after booster shot, did not return home from work at normal time. His son called and found him “resting in his car at the gas station right across his work. Pt was confused and took time to respond to questions. Family states his speech was delayed, slightly slurred and inability to walk.” In the ER, “Pt state he is ‘delusional’ as he lays on the bed but not aware [that] he lays on the floor…Upon arrival, Pt found his underwear was wet, unclear it is from bowel or urinary…He said he does not remember what happened at all. From 3pm to 11pm, memory is blank.” VAERS ID 1685255

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“Just wrong”

These skilled nursing facilities/hospice centers feel like it is their RIGHT to force vax on all patients, for “public health,” without regard for consent. 🤬

“I went to see my husband the next day he was shaking and his mouth was open shaking, and he had fever of 105, they gave him Tylenol suppositories and he passed away 2 hours later. They should not have given him should not have given him the vaccine that is on hospice, it was not the right decision. I am worried about the elderly and those very sick.” VAERS ID 1052738

People are dying from being denied access to healthcare if they aren’t vaccinated.

66 yo M Was scheduled for angioplasty following abnormal stress test. ANGIOPLASTY WAS DENIED UNTIL PATIENT WAS VACCINATED. He died of a heart attack 7 HOURS after vax. VAERS ID 1636469

Geronticide. Looks like this 95 yo patient’s niece “lucked out” her uncle died 2-1/2 hrs after vax. 😑

“Received vaccine at 10:00 am on 8/18, monitored for 15 post-vaccine, noted unresponsive at 12:30:Pt was noted to be unresponsive to verbal and tactile stimuli. VSS: BP 72/48, Pulse 116, Placed on nonrebreather at 15LPM. O2 sat 98%. NP in the building called and responded. 911 called and responded. HCP NIECE DECLINED FOR THE RESIDENT TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE HOSPITAL. 8/19/2021 09:07 am Resident expired, Code Status: DNR. Dr. was notified. Pronounced at the facility by the RN”. He didn’t have any medical problems where his passing would’ve been merciful. His diagnoses were enlarged prostate, restless legs synd, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux (GERD), and glaucoma. VAERS ID 1632700

Medical examiners refuse to perform autopsies.

82 yo F died 16d after JJ vax. “Medical Examiner refused to conduct autopsy even after the family begged for it to be done and the primary wouldn’t sign off on the death cert. Write-up: Hemorrhaged (mouth), and choked on blood. Family was present at the time of occurrence but nothing could be done to help her. This was 16 days after receiving the J and J shot and would not perform autopsy due to age even when her primary wouldn’t sign off on the death cert.” VAERS ID 1628577

Death of 63yo M same day of his vax: Vax at 8:45am. “Spent the day at the house with his son and claimed to be feeling totally fine throughout the day. Was last seen alive by his son at 2:30pm and advised that he felt fine at that time. He was found deceased at 4:00pm by his son sitting in his workshop with his tools still in his hands and sitting upright.” “First responders arrived on the scene and called the Examiners office. They were advised that he had received the covid vaccine earlier in the day; however, they declined sending a ME / coroner and also declined an autopsy even though it was requested by his family and it was an unattended death. His body was then transported to Funeral Home. The next day, his family requested that the funeral home reach out a second time to the ME office to request an autopsy. The request was denied a second time and the family proceeded with burial. No physician had an opportunity to examine his body. His primary care provider who he hadn’t physically seen since January reluctantly signed the death certificate.” VAERS ID 1679762

69yo M sudden death 9d after vax. “Autopsy denied by coroner despite 3 vaccines deaths reported by officer on scene.” VAERS ID 1622738

Drs continually blow off their patient’s suspicions that their injuries were caused by vax.

Healthy, athletic 63 yo M. 2 mo after JJ vax, developed bilateral lower extremity vascular symptoms. Workup later showed unprovoked right lower lobe pulmonary embolism extending into several segmental arteries. “Throughout my treatment, PCP has repeatedly denied that any of my issues can be related to the JJ vaccine and my doctor said it was ‘google’ searches that made me think this. While meeting with a facility Head and Throat surgeon for a parathyroid surgery consult, he urged me to notify the VAERS system because he believed it was all related to J&J vaccine as well.” VAERS ID 1695233

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One EXTREMELY COMMON AE from covid vax is ear problems—tinnitus (ringing in ears), hearing loss, vertigo (dizziness). These are permanent.

28yo F developed tinnitus and reduced hearing 4d after vax. It has “remained constant for the last 35+ days and nights. It never goes away, it wakes me up at night…It is extremely distracting, annoying and devastating to my quality of life, as I am a singer. It is nearly impossible to sing/perform or even speak loudly without exacerbating the symptoms.” VAERS ID 1624080

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