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The COVID vaccines available in the United States (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson&Johnson) involve new technology that has never been approved for use in humans. Despite this, they have been deployed on a global scale.

While COVID vaccines do serve a good purpose in preventing severe COVID and death in patients of certain demographics (65 years old and older, and those with certain comorbidites), their utility in younger, healthier age groups is much more limited.

Physician recommendation of any medical treatment or preventative should always weigh the risks and benefits of taking or abstaining from such therapies. The CDC strongly recommends COVID vaccines for all persons 12 years of age and older.

However, the risks of COVID vaccines are being hidden from the public, in order to push global acceptance of this experimental therapy. FDA approval was granted years before the phase 3 clinical trials were slated to end.

The purpose of this website is to inform the public of risks associated with the COVID vaccines. We are all bombarded with the supposed benefits of these vaccines in the media. I hope to inform the public of which groups CAN benefit from the vaccines, the developing evidence of dangers of the vaccines, and the science behind all of this, in order for people to make INFORMED decisions in choosing whether to take or abstain from the vaccines.

Check out my interview about the dangers of COVID vaccines with Stan Miller of Conservative Talk Radio North (Canada) here.

This website is for the sharing of scientific information and expression of my personal opinions. Discuss all medical decisions with your healthcare provider.